• 5 star ratingYou won’t regret this tour! Courtney, thank you so much for coming back out kayaking with us! It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed having you. Thank you very much for all the kind words and taking the time to write us a wonderful review. Friends like you are the reason we do... read more


    5 star ratingDo this tour!! We chose this tour as one of the tours for our honeymoon. I have checked the other kayak tours in the area and they were all charging around $39-$100 per person and only for 2 hours. This tour is 3 hours long and costs way less!! Scott and Karissa only... read more


    5 star ratingBonus dolphin sighting. What an amazing paddle. We are 4 girls visiting from Ontario. Steve and Carissa were both informative...funny...and safety minded. Our trip started at 1130...a little cloudy but that was good . The cormorant birds followed us along our trip. Then came the jumping fish...kinda cool. Off to Shell key island... read more

    Karen G
  • 5 star ratingGreat Kayak Nature Tour Really enjoyed the kayak tour. The cormorants, fish jumping, tropical birds and the dolphin that swam right by us. Shell Island was very beautiful and everything was so peaceful. Appreciate the nature break and getaway. Also, want to note the tour was the perfect amount of time too.

    Elisa D

    5 star ratingGreat Paddle We spent the morning on an awesome kayak trip with Scott and Carissa! It was a peaceful, easy paddle through beautiful mangroves and open preserve before arriving on Shell Island. Crystal clear waters made for a refreshing swim before the paddle back. Scott and Carissa clearly love what they do... read more


    5 star ratingGREAT time kayaking with Island Kayak Tours We had such a great time kayaking with Steve and Karissa. He is very knowledgeable about the surrounding wildlife, mangroves, keys, and islands. Even though we knew NOTHING about how to kayak, we weren’t left behind. . It was a trip we will remember forever and will recommend... read more

  • 5 star ratingFantastic way to be one with nature, away from the crowds with awesome local guides Scott and his partner are true locals who care about the environment and love sharing their knowledge with their guests. This is THE kayaking experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Scott knows every secret mangrove tunnel and lots of great stories about growing up in the area.... read more


    5 star ratingLoved it- Scott was a great guide Had a great morning out on the kayaks, Scott was very knowledgeable & we enjoyed the stop at shell key, found lots of sand dollars.
    Thanks, we loved it & the 3 man kayak was helpful with our youngest son, being able to go in with dad & bro! Xx

    Lauren W

    5 star ratingGreat kayak tour at a fantastic price Great tour that won’t disappoint. Within minutes we were lucky enough to see a dolphin that come close to the kayaks. Scott was a knowledgeable and entertaining guide. We were accompanied for most of the trip by a bunch of cormorants fishing under the kayaks. The stop at the beach... read more

    Caron R
  • 5 star ratingBest Kayak Tour Scott and Karissa are the best tour guides. It was our first time kayaking and we decided to take the 50/50 tour which was not just kayaking but exploring the preserve and mangroves which were spectacular to see. We also stopped at shell key a small beach area for about... read more

    Cheryl D Avatar
    Cheryl D

    5 star ratingFun family kayaking adventure Our family (children ages 8 and 3) had a fantastic time on the kayaking tour with Scott and Karissa. It was a peace yet exciting time for all. We enjoyed all the mangrove tunnels and sea life. I would definitely recommend for families as a fun, friendly outing at a... read more


    5 star ratingTurpening family vacation Recently my family and I spent the morning kayaking with Scott and his wife Chris on the 50/50 tour. I’ll tell you not only was the scenery spectacular these are two great, down to earth, family oriented people. Our boys had been wanting to do a kayak trip and while... read more

  • 5 star ratingFun itinerary! I liked the itinerary better than most kayak tours...short paddles, multiple tunnels and swimming or exploring Shell Key. The tour hosts are congenial and knowledgeable, and the kayaks were easier on my back than other rentals...they were a bit deeper. More


    5 star ratingFlorida Must Do Tour If you are ever in the area south of Tampa and St. Petes or Treasure Island, you've got to book a kayak tour with this company that is run by a great tour guide and his wife. Scott and his wife are super knowledgeable about everything in the area... read more


    5 star ratingPriceless Adventure Our family of 4 enjoyed our kayak tour so much. We were first timers and Scott and his wife were so helpful and knowledgable. We got to see birds, dolphin, some saw manatee, we even saw a starfish. It was a great time!! We plan on returning and would only... read more

    Laura M
  • Fantastic experience, route was great, and the staff members were professional, kind and shared a lot of interesting information about the area. Definitely recommend!

    Josh West Avatar
    Josh West

    positive review We had an awesome experience and Scott is an absolute hoot!

    Renee Lane-Wexell Avatar
    Renee Lane-Wexell

    We chose this tour as one of the tours for our honeymoon. I have checked the other kayak tours in the area and they were all charging around $39-$100 per person and only for 2 hours. This tour is 3 hours long and costs way less!! Scott and Karissa only... read more

    Jackie Tu Avatar
    Jackie Tu

    We chose this tour as one of the tours for our honeymoon. I have checked the other kayak tours in the area and they were all charging around $39-$100 per person and only for 2 hours. This tour is 3 hours long and costs way less!! Scott and Karissa only... read more

    Jackie Tu Avatar
    Jackie Tu

    positive review We chose this tour as one of the tours for our honeymoon. I have checked the other kayak tours in the area and they were all charging around $39-$100 per person and only for 2 hours. This tour is 3 hours long and costs way less!! Scott and Karissa only... read more

    Jackie Tu Avatar
    Jackie Tu

    positive review We had a wonderful experience out on the water! The guides were super knowledgeable, kind, and helpful! This is a fun trip for all ages!

    Danielle Stogsdill Avatar
    Danielle Stogsdill
  • positive review What an adventure! Scott runs this tour with the ease of a local veteran! We even saw a manatee while hanging out on the beach. By far, the best $25 we've spent on any vacation. My only tip to the tourist is leave your phone in the car or only... read more

    Brandon Simpson Avatar
    Brandon Simpson

    positive review This is the tour you want if you’re looking for a relaxing, good time for a few hours. Scott knows his stuff and throws in plenty of jokes to go with it. I don’t think we could have picked a better duo to show us around the Shell Key area.... read more

    Russ Belk Avatar
    Russ Belk

    Scott and Karissa is a great dual. Scott is very informative and made every moment of the tour pleasant. I will definitely recommend, you won't regret it 🙂

    Remonde Victor Avatar
    Remonde Victor

    Scott and Karissa is a great dual. Scott is very informative and made every moment of the tour pleasant. I will definitely recommend, you won't regret it 🙂

    Remonde Victor Avatar
    Remonde Victor

    positive review We had a fantastic experience this morning. With Scott's extensive knowledge of the local wildlife and Karissa's excellent manatee spotting skills we were in excellent hands. We saw all manner of birds, leaping mullet and even spotted manatees and dolphins. Found some beautiful shells on shell island but the highlight... read more

    Janet Smithson Avatar
    Janet Smithson

    positive review We had an amazing time today on the 50/50 tour. Would highly recommend to visitors and locals if the area.

    Heather Desper Avatar
    Heather Desper
  • positive review Great day for a tour. Scott and Karissa provided an exciting but low key trip. Lots of birds to be seen and a brief manatee sighting as well.

    Kathy Glass Avatar
    Kathy Glass

    This tour was the best part of my trip! Scott was so knowledgeable about the sea life and environment! The trip he took us on wAs beautiful, fun and informative for my 9 year old and I. So fun!

    Bianca Turner Avatar
    Bianca Turner

    Scott and his wife took our family of six on an incredible tour of the waterways and the Mangroves. Our stop at the sandbar gave us time to find lots of really cool shells and sand dollars. Scott went out of his way to engage with the kids and answer... read more

    Steve Cobb Avatar
    Steve Cobb

    positive review we had a wonderful kayaking adventure today! Scott is very knowledgeable wit regards of the wildlife. We got to see a few dolphins swimming around! Huge bonus to our experience.
    The shell key was beautiful and we will definitely call Carissa and Scott for our next kayaking adventure. ...
    read more

    Ida Grzybowski Avatar
    Ida Grzybowski

    Loved this tour! Scott is very knowledgeable and got to know everyone in my group. Definitely will be coming back!

    Morgan Podorski Avatar
    Morgan Podorski

    positive review We kayaked with Scott and Karissa last week, and had a blast! Learned a lot about the mangroves and preserves , and had fun to boot! Thanks Scott and Karissa, for sharing with us. We’ll definitely be back! Please tell Desi, Lucy, Fred and Ethel we miss them!

    Sherri Anselm Avatar
    Sherri Anselm
  • positive review Scott and his wife are great tour guides! Never felt rushed, and they explained everything thoroughly as this was our first time. Will definitely do it again! 🙂

    Jeanine Luge Ramirez Avatar
    Jeanine Luge Ramirez

    positive review Great experience and very affordable. Definitely recommend for anyone wanting to spend time in nature and learn quite a bit.

    Alyssa Fauble Avatar
    Alyssa Fauble

    positive review Went on a 3.3 mile kayak tour today! Fell in twice! 🤷🏼‍♀️ We saw some dolphins and I had a manatee right at the nose of my kayak! 🤗 although they were a little camera shy, it was a great experience and the local couple that took us on the... read more

    Mercedes Lynn Fauble Avatar
    Mercedes Lynn Fauble

    positive review Scott and Karissa were very knowledgeable of the whole area and was able to answer any question we asked. It was a beautiful tour with plenty to see and explore! We were able to see lots of wildlife and find lots of gorgeous shells! Also very affordable. I highly recommend... read more

    Denna Fauble Avatar
    Denna Fauble

    positive review My daughter's and I loved this tour. Scott and Carrisa are very knowledgeable and wounder people!

    Brandi Fauble Avatar
    Brandi Fauble

    positive review Wonderful experience for the price! Both of the owners are friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks for a great time!

    Marissa Kell Avatar
    Marissa Kell
  • positive review Had a fantastic time with Scott and Karissa kayaking! Our little ones (8 and 3) enjoyed all the sea life and mangrove tunnels. Such a peaceful yet exciting outing. Definitely recommend! Thanks so much for a great family outing!

    Christine Thompson Avatar
    Christine Thompson

    positive review Fabulous tour! We had a party of six - ranging from 8-46 years old and we all had a great time (even though I was originally worried about whether it would be too difficult for some of us)! The mangroves and wildlife were amazing. Scott and Karissa were great guides.... read more

    Angie Hatley Garms Avatar
    Angie Hatley Garms

    positive review we really loved this tour. Scott is super knowledgeable on everything out there. youll have some great views and see plenty of wildlife. Highly recommended!

    Benji Feldpouch Avatar
    Benji Feldpouch

    positive review Our family was in the area in early June & had the pleasure of taking a tour with the owners, Scott & his wife Karissa. I could tell immediately that Scott loved his job & was passionate about the sport. Island Kayak Tours came recommended from a local we met.... read more

    Niccole Cornaghie Avatar
    Niccole Cornaghie

    Best deal in Florida! Got to see some amazing wildlife and got to kayak in the mangroves. Scott did a great job at explaining the history of the area and wildlife.

    Derrek H Avatar
    Derrek H

    positive review This tour was amazing. These are the nicest people you’ll meet. Scott shared so much knowledge about the wildlife and the area. The cost is very modest for the experience you’ll have! Thank you from my family for being one of the highlights of our vacation!

    Tim Alger Avatar
    Tim Alger
  • 5 star ratingHands down, best water tour/excursion I've ever done.  My friend was visiting St. Pete for the first time and she said this was the highlight of her trip.  I look forward to bringing other friends and family on the 50/50 Nature tour in the future.  Luckily for me, I live... read more

    Jenny L. Avatar
    Jenny L.

    5 star ratingScott's tour by far was the highlight of my entire Florida experience. Hearing him talk about how the area has changed over the years was really cool and his knowledge of the wildlife in the area was exceptional. Shell key was breathtaking and true to the name there was an... read more

    Rachael G. Avatar
    Rachael G.

    5 star ratingBooked this tour after finding it online. Scott was great! He's a local who grew up here so really knows his stuff! We did the Nature 50/50 tour. You start just outside Fort de Soto, and kayak through mangroves tunnels. You end up on a beautiful island where everyone just... read more

    Ally B. Avatar
    Ally B.
  • 5 star ratingOur first kayaking experience we wanted a tour as opposed to going alone. We picked 50/50 tour with Island Kayaking.  Best choice ever.  Scott and Karissa were so informative and knowledgeable about the preserve they took us through.   I enjoyed the mangroves and open waters we went to in... read more

    Cheryl D. Avatar
    Cheryl D.

    5 star ratingWe just returned from a kayak tour with Scott and his wife. We had an awesome time! There were 10 of us...and we all had a great time! We saw starfish, a hermit crab, horseshoe crabs, and even a glimpse of dolphin while in the water. It was so much... read more

    Jeanine L. Avatar
    Jeanine L.

    5 star ratingGreat tour! Scott and Karissa answer all your questions are funny and keep the pace reasonable.
    Can't wait to bring the whole family on one of their tours! Thanks for a great afternoon!!!

    Robert D. Avatar
    Robert D.
  • 5 star ratingWe had a great trip with Scott.  He kept us well informed as the weather was a little suspect.  He told us it would clear and be great and it was.  Very knowledgeable, very friendly, great kayaking trip all the way around.

    Tim and Holley

    Tim B. Avatar
    Tim B.

    5 star ratingWe were vacationing in Florida from Indiana. There were 3 couples (ages 62+).  Scott and Carissa gave a brief explanation on how to hold your paddle before we took off.  They both gave great explanations on local wildlife.  First we went through the mangroves and saw several different kinds of... read more

    Susan M. Avatar
    Susan M.

    5 star ratingScott and Clarissa were fantastic guides on such a beautiful adventure! They had answers to all our questions and filled the 2.5 hours with countless interesting facts. Paddling through the mangrove tunnels and watching the sunset over the water was the highlight of our trip to Florida. I can't recommend... read more

    Erin S. Avatar
    Erin S.
  • 5 star ratingYa'll, Scott and his tour is awesome! It was just the right amount of Kayaking for this inexperienced bunch! We had all age ranges in our party and everyone survived! Also, the Kayaks are very open and roomy! The kids had a blast collecting seashells on shell island. Make sure... read more

    Kelly J. Avatar
    Kelly J.

    5 star ratingAwesome experience!
    We cannot recommend Scott and his tours enough. We did our second tour with him and both were wonderful.
    Everyone in our party absolutely enjoyed it.
    He and and his wife are great people that know everything about the area.

    Craig D. Avatar
    Craig D.

    5 star ratingScott did a great job with the group and it was very very good tour...we absolutely enjoyed it. We had a 3 year old with us and Scott/Clarissa made sure everybody was safe the entire trip and being able to watch dolphins jump 20 feet in the channel was amazing.... read more

    Thomas P. Avatar
    Thomas P.
  • 5 star ratingScott and Carissa were amazing tour guides.  I was particularly impressed by their love for nature and how much they enjoyed doing the tour.  They grew up in the area and know everything about it.  What was most impressive is the serenity of the area as we were the only... read more

    Boris D. Avatar
    Boris D.

    5 star ratingOur family was looking specifically for an "eco kayak tour" after having enjoyed them on other vacations. We called Island Kayak Tours and spoke to Carissa who was very welcoming over the phone.  They had availability for their next tour and it lined up with our day's plans so we... read more

    Woody W. Avatar
    Woody W.

    5 star ratingWe were looking for something adventurous to do in the St. Pete Beach area last minute. Instantly came across Island Kayak tours and was amazed by the five star reviews left - and now I know what everyone was raving about! Here's why you should do the tour:

    1. You'll see...
    read more

    Rebecca G. Avatar
    Rebecca G.